Keep checking, maybe be summer we may be able to arrange an outing ? ? ?

We had a good mixture of everything at the Rally. For those of us that arrived earlier in the week, the weather was good. By the time members began to arrive on Friday after lunch, they were unfortunately setting up in the rain. But that didn’t seem to deter anyone at all, –as the rain does tend to keep the mosquitos at bay, and there were plenty of those around. Saturday morning was overcast, but finally the weatherman was good to us, and sent the sun our way.

As this is a free and easy weekend, many members took the time to browse the stores in Fort Langley, and visit the Farmers Market. As the sun came out, so did those pesky mosquitos again, on the warpath for blood.!

At dinner time we all headed to the Fort Langley Pub, and then it was back to set up the campfire. We had lots of wood, and soon had a lovely fire going. We had approx. 34 members around the fire, just socializing and having a good time.

Sunday morning came too quick, time to move around and say goodbye to everyone, then pack-up and head home.

Everyone had a good time, connecting with old friends, and making new ones.  Looking forward to the next rally.

Kick-Off Rally. May 4th to 6th. 2018 Camperland at Bridal Falls.

What a wonderful weekend we all had. We had 38 RV’s arrive for the “Start of the Season” Rally.
Many members now arrive a day earlier, and stay an extra night, making it a longer weekend.
Friday morning was a little overcast, but by the time it came around to registration time at 3pm, the sun was coming out. Home-baked cookies and squares, ( Thank you, Roy Allanson ) to go with coffee and juice, was just the ticket, as everyone met old and made new friends.
We had 6 new member couples join us this weekend to test out their first rally. They must have enjoyed themselves, as some have already signed up for the campfire rally.
“Meet and Greet” was just that – on Friday night. A glass of wine, cheese and crackers, and a good time to socialize.
We woke on Saturday morning to a beautiful sunny day. Mr. Weather man was good to us.
Bean Bag Throw was planned for the afternoon. 40 members split into 4 teams, and the competition was on! Those that didn’t play sat around in the sun to support the players.
Dinner was catered , — a nice variety of salads, meats, veggies, chicken and roast beef, followed by some lovely desserts of course.
Sunday morning saw everyone once again in the great hall, everyone buying last minute raffle tickets.
We had a brief update on club matters, and then it was time to do the raffle. We had some really good prizes, many donated by our Commercial members.
The time to go home came too fast, and we are all looking forward to the next rally, the Campfire Rally, which is at Fort Langley. June 8th to 10th.

Sunshine and hot weather was the ticket as a group of 14 rigs made their way to the first stop on our summer rally. It is always fun to share friendship and experiences on a trip to discover more of our beautiful province.
Our first stop was at Hat Creek Ranch, a most interesting place to begin. With the opportunity to take guided tours of the ranch, eat at their homey restaurant, gather together at the covered stage area, and just relax and enjoy the scenery, we were on our way to a good time. A travel contact group was started as we had no idea who would attend until we got there. Group pictures were taken, in spite of the “mozzies” wanting to join us!
Most of us went for breakfast before heading off to Northwood Lodge at Lac La Hache. We parked besides the lovely little tree-lined lake and enjoyed the view of boaters and water birds. Telling jokes and trading RV experiences around a propane fire are de rigueur at these gatherings and something we all anticipate.
Many of the group spent time exploring the region. We took another couple in our Sidekick for a day trip to the top of Mount Timothy with its great view of the area. That evening we all gathered for an excellent dinner on the lodge’s patio overlooking the lake.
By July 6 th the fires in the Cariboo had become more extensive. They seemed to start just behind us as we moved north.
Our next three day stop was at Robert’s Roost in Quesnel. After the very efficient and pleasant Ryan checked us in we set up for our stay. By now the heat and mosquitoes were more prevalent, so air conditioning was a blessing. Some of us describe it as “glamping”, and were happy for it.
Once it cooled off in the evening we got together to schmooze again– -the best part of our rallies. A few of the group ventured to Barkerville while others attended a local art show. Unfortunately Mother Nature struck again in the form of forest fires, and many of our group decided to go home early.
They were unable to return via Highway 97 so went west to Tete Jaune Cache, then south through Kamloops before getting back to the Fraser Valley.
We carried on to Saskatchewan where the smoke from forest fires reached as far as Saskatoon. It was heartbreaking to see the damage and think of all the unfortunate people affected by the fires.
In spite of it all, our fellow campers all declared they had a great time getting to know each other better and experiencing more of our amazing province and people.
We had a “smoking good time!”

Spring is almost here; it’s been a long cold winter in storage; the RVs are restless and calling… It’s time for some TLC before hitting the road.

First: the road insurance. You might need to move your unit off your property to get some of this maintenance done, and you want to make sure you’re roadworthy. Those of us who have ever forgotten this little thing shall remain nameless, but we probably won’t forget it again.

Once you’re properly insured, you need to make sure your unit is still mechanically sound by checking your engine compartment. Top up your oil levels and radiator coolant, refreshing as necessary. Now is the time to put your batteries back in, if you removed them before winter, and check for corrosion on the posts and bulging if they’ve been in your unit. If you’ve had them for more than about eight years, you should consider replacing them soon – they don’t owe you much after that. Check the pressure in your tires; the duals need that extra effort. It’s a good idea to have your brake function checked out, too. And don’t forget about your operating lights.

In your living area, check your batteries for water level, post corrosion, and bulging sides. Are they getting old? Test your propane system: turn on your stove and pay attention to how long it takes for the fuel to get to the burners; you want to make sure the lines are clear. At your tanks, check your levels, your connections and the age of each tank; you want to make sure your propane tanks are still legally fillable. And since insects and spiders love propane, check for nests and other evidence, and make sure to clean them out. Test your fridge, hot water tank and any other appliances for correct operation.

You also need to check your water system. If you have antifreeze in sink traps and water lines, you must flush them out properly. Make sure there’s water in your storage tank (running the pump on a dry tank is a fast way to a shopping trip for a new pump), and carefully test your lines, watching for any leaks from aging sealant or line cracks that may have developed over the winter. Make sure your bypass valves are in the correct position, both at the tank filler line and at the hot water tank. Any pink staining from the antifreeze will wash away as you use your unit.

If you have slides, check them for correct operation. Make sure to check the rubber seals on the outside as well, and replace and repair as needed. If you have an awning, roll it out and back in once or twice to make sure it’s clean and happy.

If you plan to tow a vehicle, hook it up completely and then check all your lights to make sure all the electrical connections are working and all bulbs are intact.

Now you’re ready to gas up, load up, tank up, and do the traveling you’ve been daydreaming about!

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