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The RVOABC is a non-profit organization of RV owners (both individuals and those that belong to clubs) which was formed in 1966 and is growing day by day. The focus of the Association is at the owner/consumer level - all people who love the outdoors and the freedom of the open road that can only be experienced by travelling in an RV. Our aim is to promote the RV lifestyle, camaraderie among RV owners, and to develop a closer relationship between our members and the RV Trades and Associations, as well as allied Trades, to the mutual benefit of all. If you are an RV Manufacturer, Dealer, Parts and/or Service Store, RV Park, Campground, Resort Operator, or if you are in any business that is of value to the RVer, we offer you the opportunity to promote your product or service to this select market - all our members, who every day use the items you have for sale. We invite you to join our Association as a Commercial doing so, you will be showing your support for the only B.C. RV Owner's support group. Your Company name is listed in our Commercial Membership directory that is on the Internet and also on our Commercial Membership page in the RV Times magazine - reminding our members to shop with you first.

The RV Times is published 6 times per year and it's circulation is over 100,000 copies per issue.


COMMERCIAL  MEMBERSHIP   1YR. - - $100.00      2YR. - - $175.00     3YR. - - $225.00