Keep it Clean!


Published on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 12:49
by Al Chance

After we get set up in an RV site, I like to check around for random bits of garbage, little things that previous campers have left behind, dropped near where they sit or walk by. Things such as cellophane cigarette wrappers, chocolate bar or candy wrappers, bottle caps, pull tabs, cigarette butts or Kleenex. There is almost no limit to what gets left behind.

I do not like the thought of the park operators finding such items after I have left and thinking that I was the one who left the trash behind. A quick look around and a couple of minutes picking things up and putting them in the garbage, or at least in the fire pit so they get burned up, makes me feel better, and I can leave knowing the site was cleaner after us than when we arrived.

I have no doubt the park operators appreciate this small effort, and it could only enhance your reputation and the reputation of any RV club you might belong to.

A good example of this occurred while we were in an RV park recently. On Friday afternoon an RV arrived and parked opposite to where we were parked. On board were four girls in their late teens and the driver, obviously Grampa. A woman, obviously mom, arrived in a car. After getting everything set up, mom and Grampa left by car and the girls were on their own. That afternoon and evening we heard very little from them, so we took very little notice. If they happened to be outside when we were out, or when we went for walks, they would wave and say hi, always very polite.

The next day another car arrived with two more girls, with sleeping bags and other supplies. That evening they all sat at the picnic table having dinner and talking, but never loud enough to bother anyone. Later they sang a few songs and had some laughs but again, never too loud.

When we got up the next morning and looked outside, we had a great laugh. Their camp site was a mess. Everything had just been dropped wherever they happened to be when they were finished with it: pop cans, wrappers, clothes, shoes, all sorts of things. They were lucky it had not rained overnight or the shoes would have been very uncomfortable to have to put on. And to cap it off, the picnic table was covered with birds of every description enjoying a variety of leftovers.

Later that morning the girls became busy packing things up and getting ready to leave. We went for a walk and by the time we got back grampa and mom must have been there as the RV and all the young ladies were gone. What was very noticeable, however, was the condition of the camp site: there was no sign of any leftovers or trash of any kind anywhere, other than a few birds scouting the ground for the odd scrap of anything edible.

These pleasant and thoughtful young women apparently believed, as we do, that your camp site should be left looking as if no one had been there. Very impressive.

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