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Keep it Clean!

by Al Chance

After we get set up in an RV site, I like to check around for random bits of garbage, little things that previous campers have left behind, dropped near where they sit or walk by. Things such as cellophane cigarette wrappers, chocolate bar or candy wrappers, bottle caps, pull tabs, cigarette butts or Kleenex. There is almost no limit to what gets left behind.


Never Too Old or Experienced to Learn

by Henry Kozminski

I consider myself quite experienced and knowledgeable about Rv'ing but still take every chance to take in as many seminars and RV training I can. For four years I had worked part time for an RV rental company picking up, delivering and checking out new and used RV's of every type plus


Up and Running

Spring is almost here; it’s been a long cold winter in storage; the RVs are restless and calling.. It’s time for some TLC before hitting the road.

First: the road insurance. You might need to move your unit off your property to get some of this maintenance done, and you want to make sure you’re roadworthy. Those of us who have ever forgotten this little thing shall remain nameless, but we probably won’t forget it again.